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Family Enterprise Sustainability


What are the factors that drive family enterprise success and sustainability?

McCann and Associates, in collaboration with other thought leaders are studying the factors that influence Family Enterprise that thrive across generations. The research suggests that the four major factors contribute to a connected family business and hence a family business that endures and is successful:

  1. Do family members feel a sense of a strong positive connection to one another?
  2. Are family members satisfied with their personal financial rewards from the family enterprise?
  3. Do family members derive a sense of social identity and pride from the family enterprise?
  4. Are the business and financial goals of the family enterprise being met?

McCann and Associate’s research underscores the importance of working to make the family involvement in all its enterprises a strategic advantage. Family enterprises that do an honest self-assessment of their connectedness and combine their insights with prudent action can help to ensure that their enterprises aligned and primed for sustainability and success.

We are embarking on a new phase of our research on Family Enterprise Sustainability in partnership with academics, practitioners, and experts, in the field including Sylvester Taylor, Group Director Assessments at the Center for Creative Leadership. Please contact us at audra@gregmccannspeaks.com if you would like to find out more about family enterprise sustainability and success.