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Awareness-Building Sessions 


We believe helping clients cultivate greater awareness can deepen their vision, align it with their decisions, and create a better life.

Our coaching work is most effective with those who are motivated, courageous, and collaborative.

Coaching is about a deeper discussion to help clients recognize they have the answers they seek, but which may be deeply buried.



We offer coaching sessions and reflective discussions in a safe setting. As a neutral partner, we challenge our clients to help them see what they might miss on their own.

As a result of coaching, clients often feel less stuck, see more options, and take far greater ownership for their decisions and life overall. That may mean shifts in careers, in personal lives, or simply changes in perspectives.

Please go to our Contact page to schedule a 1-hour complimentary sample coaching call to see if we are the right fit for you.

Combining his excellent listening skills and his intuition to ask pointed, challenging questions; Greg is a gifted guide through difficult circumstances. I am very grateful for his help and highly recommend his services.


In my experience most coaches start by asking what I want to accomplish, Greg, pushed for clarity around who I am and if my pursuits were in alignment.  In short, Greg’s coaching is more about discovery, with urgency, than setting and achieving goals.


The transformation I experienced in my life as a result of Greg’s coaching was more profound than I could have imagined at the beginning. This experience is a significant mile marker in my journey to becoming a happier, more confident person, and I will carry it forward with me for the rest of my life.


This is my first time working with a coach. I was impressed by Greg’s ability to quickly pick up on key issues and offer feedback that was relevant and actionable for me. He challenges me and helps frame situations so I can be more effective.