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Family Enterprise Consulting

We transform families and their enterprises.

Founder Greg McCann has spent a lifetime working with family enterprises, with a special emphasis on helping the next generation succeed by:

  • Deepening overall awareness, especially communication
  • Reframing their family business into a family enterprise
  • Helping the family develop more agile leaders with leadership development plans
  • Developing the next generation

The Complexities of Family Enterprise

Involving your family in your enterprises can make it better, but it is never simpler.

One role that leaders in a family enterprise cannot outsource is managing the family’s involvement to make it an advantage for the enterprises and a benefit to the family.

The awareness of the family’s purpose and values, and the alignment of the two can bring success and sustainability in ways much more holistic than merely financial.

  • Most families can accept most decisions if the process is fair.
  • The commitment to family creates a far greater willingness to resolve difficult issues.
  • We trust the family’s wisdom and ability to solve their problem.


Who We Help

McCann & Associates works best with families who are proactive, have a history of investing their time, effort, and resources towards personal and professional development. Families who understand the complexity and exponential change of their industries and are willing to evolve will be more effective in championing the changes tomorrow will bring.

How We Help

Helping families develop the awareness of who they are and what they want is the essence of how McCann & Associates works. A family’s capacity to have the deep, honest, and often difficult conversations is the fundamental first step. From that starting point, the planning, problem solving and structure becomes more effective and aligned with the family’s cohesive and shared vision. McCann & Associates’ role is to manage this process so that the real concerns, assumptions, and needs of each person in the family addressed. If they are not adequately attended to, trust, accountability, and productivity become eroded.

[Greg] excites, engages, and educates with not just facts, but practical guidelines and solutions. Cindy Clarke

University of North Carolina

Greg gives insights on all the issues that every family enterprise is confronted with on a daily basis and gives you the ability to create a more effective working environment.

Next Generation Member of a 2nd Generation Family Enterprise

He has the unique ability to communicate with a great variety of individuals and to turn a learning experience into a valuable and enjoyable process.

Bill Voges

Root Organization

Our family based business has benefited greatly from the insights and experiences we have received. To realize that we as a family business, have problems, situations and opportunities that are not unique to us, was a revelation and to know there is a source for advice and support in these areas is a real blessing and comfort to us.

Founder and President of a Family Business

Because of the work of Greg McCann, Stetson’s engagement of all of the constituencies of family business and its concomitant endeavor to weave a tapestry of their interests and needs is the single most exciting idea I have encountered anywhere in the nearly two-decade-old partnership of universities and family business.