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cover-kindle-aug-16-page-001Who Do You Think You Are? Aligning Your Character and Reputation

When you walk into an interview, you enter a competition with others whose skills, credentials and experiences are similar to yours. How do you distinguish yourself? Since many of the best employers hire on character and develop skills, how your character measures up may well determine whether you get the job. Greg McCann explains how your character can enhance or derail your career, as well as your personal life, romances and friendships. He also shows us that your character can be developed and how working on your character can make your life more management and rewarding.

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Additional Articles

Family Business Gathering 2000, “The Holistic Model: Rethinking the Role of the University-Based Family Enterprise Center,” McCann, G. and Upton, N. (Editors) DeLand, FL: Stetson University.

Family Business Gathering 2001, “Destroying Myths and Creating Value in Family Business,” McCann, G. and Upton, N. (Editors) DeLand, FL: Stetson University.

psp_bookcover6x9_final-page-001When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks

Finding Success Inside or Outside the Family Enterprise If your family owns the enterprise, your career decisions hit close to home. This book is the only one written to help younger people decide whether to enter the family enterprise and how to succeed if they do. The book helps you:

  • Deal with family dynamics and personalities.
  • Choose for yourself by understanding the opportunities of enterprise ownership.
  • Face your family’s expectations with clear decisions.
  • Take your conversations and relationship with your parents to a more adult level
  • Learn how to take ownership of your future, family and career.

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Free Download: Parents’ Guide to Using When Your Parents Sign the Paychecks

Designed to help parents communicate clearly and facilitate decision-making.

[“Who Do You Think You Are?”] effectively captures the importance of character-and give a great process for developing it! Hoyle Rymer

President (ret.), Magic Chef

[Who do you think you are?] not only clarifies the importance of character but explains how to develop it to create meaningful change in people and their lives.

Mark Peters

CEO, Butterball Farms

…character gives our lives greater meaning, purpose and direction.

Jill Shipley, MBA

GenSpring Family Office

[“When your parents sign the paychecks'”] is essential for any college student considering entering their family’s business… A life changing experience, I would still be lost without it. Shannon McFarland

Next generation of a family that owns a business/Stetson University Family Business Graduate

[“When your parents sign the paychecks”] fills a long-missing gap in the literature designed to promote the success and survival of family business. Greg McCann has provided both the founder and successor groups with an outstanding step-by-step roadmap for avoiding a major pitfall in the perpetuation of family business: an unqualified and unprepared younger generation. Steve Swartz

Pioneer in family business consulting/former president of the Family Firm Institute

I urge you to read  pragmatic and thoughtful [“When your parents sign the paychecks”] as a critical investment in yourself, your next generation, and your family business.

Dr. Pardita Sharma

Professor of Management and Associate Dean, Wilfrid Laurier University/Associate Editor - The Family Business Review

[“When your parents sign the paychecks”] is a powerful and life-altering book. Unlike anything else available today for our nation’s family business owners and their children. Trevor Whitley

Financial Advisor