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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Vertical Leadership Development (Leadership Agility)

Developing the Talent for the Future

Family enterprises are dealing with not only the exponential change that faces us all, but also the even greater complexity of involving family. How do families work to develop leaders who are agile enough to develop different mindsets, skills, and styles of leadership for differing challenges? What is my role as a leader? When should I be leaning in and taking charge and when should I be leaning back and developing others—even allowing them to make mistakes? How do I develop an ongoing practice for myself and my family, and my organization to be more effective leaders? These are all questions that the proactive successful family enterprises are eager to embrace.

 Coaching & Mentoring

How to cultivate a relationship and inspire talent in others

Understand how to give positive and thoughtful feedback with your colleagues, friends, and family. Learn how to identify the personal strengths of others and develop self-leadership as a guiding process in the mentoring process. Develop an action plan incorporating coaching and mentoring into your own personal leadership development. Leadership is your key to success!

 Personality, Power and Persuasion

Self-Differentiated Leadership

Understanding personality types to improve communication and limit conflict in your enterprise. Gain insight into what makes you and others tick. Build on your collective strengths and manage your collective weaknesses to enhance your relationships and productivity, to get along better and accomplish more effectively personally and professionally. Awareness changes everything!


Who Do You Think You Are? Aligning Your Character and Reputation

Learn how to stay grounded, happier, and more authentic in chaotic times. Character is not something normally talked about in most organizations. How, when & why do you talk about it? Given the rate of change in today’s world, character and reputation are two assets that are more valuable than ever. On a broader level, these assets will determine if your enterprise gets and keeps key relationships with employees and customers. Learn how to align character and reputation to make your life more manageable and rewarding. Greg will share case studies about character-making and character-breaking practices to help you understand how important character is in your daily life. Character may be your most precious asset!

Developing a plan for your family enterprise

A new way of looking at your family enterprise and manage change

What are the challenges that everyone who is leading—especially the rising generation in a family enterprise face? Appreciate the role of self-awareness in managing transitions/change. Create greater clarification in order to make values-based decision-making. Assess your 2 biggest challenges to make your next transition successful with an Action Plan. This is a great catalyst to frame your own personal development plan and make it an ongoing practice!

The Softer Side of Succession

It is hard to really get clear on what you want. These transitions can be difficult.

Look deeper into the issue that affects all generations. What has your family stuck? There are red flags that a family enterprise is stuck: no rational problem solving, arguments repeat and advice goes unheeded. If the deep discussions don’t happen first, then planning and structures can be the way to avoid the real issue. Find out ways to communicate and have those deep discussions before your family enterprise needs help. A good way to start is to create an Action Plan to support your succession or any transition decisions. You can’t work on something until you are truly aware of what the real issue is!

The Next Generation: Its Biggest Challenges

Find out what the #1 risk to your career is as you advance.

Discover the major challenges that face the next generation. Learn what a Development Plan can do to help you take greater responsibility for your life. Next generation leaders will be provided with the tools of personal ownership, self-assessment, and a values-based definition of success via an action plan that helps you align who you are and what you value with the opportunities that the marketplace presents.

Generational Differences

What would you like your reputation to be as a leader?

Improving relationships and understanding between generations will help you reflect on how you are showing up as a leader. Deepen your understanding of the 4 generations in the workplace and look more closely at Generation Y and its characteristics. By 2020, 50% of your workforce (and similar percentages of your customers, suppliers, and overall market) will be Gen Y’ers—are you ready for this cultural shift!

What If?

Reframing the way stakeholders view your family enterprise

The leadership of today’s family enterprise needs to think, act, and plan for more realistic transitions. Learn how to adopt the family enterprise model—to make use of the idea that the best way to preserve the family enterprise is to professionalize the enterprise by creating a new mindset that will better prepare the family, management, ownership and the family wealth for the next transition. This model redefines not only the role of your family but what success!

Family Enterprise: A New Perspective

Process Consulting & Working with Families

Discover a way to work together to achieve success as you define it. Facilitating families’ ability to work together, through direct conversations and solve their problems. This workshop is for professionals who work with family enterprises to broaden both their perspective and skill set. The ability to develop a model beyond problem solving is vital to working with family enterprises!