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What You Can Expect

Our Commitment & Our Values 

Greg and his team believe that increasing awareness results in greater effectiveness. We work to create a deeper connection (i.e. intimate connection) with all our clients, where the relationship is equally important to the outcome. Where we work together towards success, as you define it!

Our Commitment

McCann & Associates is committed to helping individuals and families reach success – however they define it. We are guided by commitments to a collaborative engagement, professionalism, and character.

Our Values

Trust and confidentiality is the cornerstone of what enables our process to work. From inquiries and the identity of our clients, to the many key aspects of our engagements, everything is kept in strict confidence. Beyond that all that we do is innovative and arises from a more intimate connection with our clients.

  • Most families can accept most decisions if the process is fair.
  • The commitment to family creates a far greater willingness to resolve difficult issues.
  • We trust the family’s wisdom and ability to solve their problem.

How We Work

McCann & Associates helps executives and enterprising families by:

  • Validating what you are going through
  • Increasing awareness of others, issues, & options
  • Deepening communication
  • Co-creating effective action plans

to help ensure the success of the individual and/or the family enterprises.

McCann & Associates works with speaking hosts to help them:

  • Reach their goals for their conference/keynote/program
  • Communicate a specialty topic with their members
  • Give the best program so that their members will learn, apply and discuss how to integrate what they’ve learned into their life and career—all while enjoying themselves