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Articles by Greg McCann

Vertical Leadership in Family Enterprise: Alchemy for innovative leaders
Agile leaders are changing how they think and feel. Learn what is new in leadership development.

Awareness and action: transforming a family business via family enterprise and vertical leadership
Read how evolving toward the family enterprise concept shifts the family’s identity and how vertical leadership can help.

A Family Business Consultant: An Option Worth Considering
What is the really underlying issue here and why is the family stuck?

Family Business Goes to College
Explore how being in the next generation can shape your educational choices

What if? The New “Normal” and its Implications for Family Business
Re-think how family business is viewed, what if it wasn’t assumed that passing a business on to the next generation is the best strategy?

Synergy for your Family Business
Coordinating your family business consultant with your advisors

The real reason why we don’t plan
Look deeper into the issue that affects all generations

Wealth & power in family business
It may not be as fun as it looks…

Business Family Style
The economic value of thinking like a family-owned enterprise

Who are you? How your character affects behavior
Learn how to be aware of how your behavior is being interpreted

Why Your Character is Important
How are you perceived by others? Did you know your character can change, discover how.

Business Family Style: The Economic Value of Thinking like a Family-Owned Enterprise
Read how family-owned enterprises are Incorporating concepts like interdependency, community and sustainability into a business management model.

Equip Your Family For Success in Today’s World
Successful families are becoming more aligned with their values to handle the greater stress and complexity arising from today’s exponential rate of change.

When the next generation heads off to college
Parents can play a major role in their kid’s success. Here’s how business families can help make the investment pay off

What they see is what you get
Family enterprise guru Greg McCann discusses applied intelligence, a slippery concept that is nevertheless crucial to business success

It’s your reputation…
Credibility must be earned — no one, not your parents, not your spouse, and certainly not your mentor can give it to you.

A path of your own
It is a big challenge, especially as a young person, to not let your parents write your script. No matter how good the script, if you don’t write it you will never accomplish true success.

Applied Intelligence — What They See Is What They Get
The only thing people in business can use to assess our character is our behavior.

Gen Y: Engaging or enraging?
There are over 75 million Gen Yers entering the workforce. Here’s how the newbies and their elders can manage the challenges.